I’m Brittany, I’m 28, I’ve been in the fashion industry for over 10 years.jpg


Founder, Fashionably Planned

Growing up an only child, I occupied a lot of my time doing arts + crafts, admiring my mom’s shoe collection, and daydreaming of my future wedding. While the first two ultimately led me to a profession in the fashion industry, I can attribute the birth of my business to the latter. After meeting the love of my lifetime in high school, I went on to earn 3 business degrees and began my career of over 10 years in corporate retail.

Fast forward to 2017. My dream wedding finally happened, and was followed by an outpouring of encouragement from family + friends regarding my passion for connecting event planning with emotions. I thought, how can I take what other people have said is my talent and curate it in a way that is unique to my own style, philosophies, + personality? And so, Fashionably Planned was born - a business, blog, and brand that seamlessly combines my past experience in fashion, my present life as a newlywed, and my future purpose as an entrepreneur.